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Embracing Mental Well-Being

Embracing Mental Well-Being

Hello, fellow readers! I'm Mara Routley from SkinROUT and I want to share my personal journey of resilience and the strategies I've discovered to prioritize my mental well-being while juggling the roles of a student, working professional, and single mom. Life gets overwhelming at times, but I've learned the importance of taking care of my mental health to thrive in all aspects of my life. 

Finding Balance in the Chaos:

With all the roles I play, my days are packed with responsibilities. However, I've realized that finding balance amidst the chaos is crucial for my overall well-being. To achieve this, I've started incorporating small moments of self-care into my daily routine. Whether it's savoring a cup of tea in the morning or dedicating an hour to my favorite hobby, these little moments of self-nurturing help me recharge and face the day with a renewed spirit.

Building a Support Network:

I've come to understand that I don't have to face life's challenges alone. Building a support network has been instrumental in my journey. I actively reach out to friends, family, and fellow students, sharing my joys, struggles, and accomplishments. Their empathy, advice, and encouragement provide me with a sense of belonging and emotional support that empowers me to keep moving forward.

Embracing Mindful Moments:

In the midst of my busy schedule, I've discovered the power of "mental health moments." Each morning, I carve out time for mindfulness meditation. This practice allows my mind to settle, cultivating inner peace before the demands of the day begin. Throughout the day, I take short breaks to engage in deep breathing exercises, releasing tension and regaining focus. These intentional pauses help me navigate challenges with clarity and a centered mind.

Modelling Resilience for My Child: 

As a mom, I've realized that my mental well-being directly impacts my child's happiness and development. I strive to be a role model by openly discussing emotions, teaching healthy coping mechanisms, and emphasizing self-care. Together, we explore activities that promote well-being, such as taking walks in nature, reading books, and engaging in creative projects. By prioritizing my own mental health, I demonstrate to my child the value of resilience and self-compassion.

My journey has taught me the importance of prioritizing mental well-being. Through moments of self-care, building a support network, embracing mindfulness, and modelling resilience for my child, I've discovered the strength within me to navigate the complexities of life. I invite you to join me in embracing your own mental well-being, no matter the circumstances. Remember, by investing in our mental health, we lay the foundation for a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Let's embark on this journey together!

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